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ARRIVAL INSTRUCTIONS to the Institute for Advanced Training, `Kirkon koulutuskeskus´

The Institute for Advanced Training is located in Järvenpää, 40 km north of Helsinki, on the Campus of Church Training College, ´Seurakuntaopisto´. It is 2 kilometers from the Järvenpää railway station.

Address: Järvenpääntie 640 S, Järvenpää

By plane 

At the Helsinki airport in Vantaa taxis are available in front of both terminals. Taxi ride to Järvenpää costs appr 40-50 euros. More information about the airport

Sign 2There is also a commuter train service to Järvenpää. Follow the train signs at the airport to get to the train station.

s22-23 Automat 2BYou have to by the ticket from the ticket machine before getting in to the train. Use the Long distance train tickets machine. You’ll find the ticket machine from the corridor on your way to the train station. You need a chip card to buy the ticket.

s22-23 Automat 2BBWhen buying the ticket choose Commuter services VR.

s22-23 Automat 3BThen choose Järvenpää as the destination station. The ticket is valid for 2 hours from the buying time. Keep the ticket during the whole journey.

Take P train from the airport to Tikkurila station. P train goes in every ten minutes. It takes 8 minutes from the airport to Tikkurila.

Continue from Tikkurila to Järvenpää by commuter train R in the direction Riihimäki. It takes about 15 minutes from Tikkurila to Järvenpää. There is 2 kilometers taxi ride from the Järvenpää railway station to the Conference venue in “Seurakuntaopisto”.

By train

Commuter train R runs to Järvenpää from Helsinki main railway station. Travelling time is about 30 minutes. There is 2 km taxi ride from the Järvenpää railway station to the conference venue in “Seurakuntaopisto”.

You have to buy the ticket from the ticket machine at the railway station before getting in to the train. Follow the instructions above to buy the ticket.


Commuter train routes

By boat

If you arrive Helsinki by boat, there are three possible places to arrive. You can take a taxi to the Railway station or come by public transportation as following (in all the cases the distance from the terminal to the Railway station is only few kilometers):

Katajanokka terminal. Take tram number 4 or 5 and step out at the Railway station stop.

Eteläsatama terminal. Take tram number 2 or 3 and step out at the Railway station stop.

Länsisatama terminal. Take tram number 6T or 9 and step out at the Railway station stop.

Buy a tram ticket. You can buy the ticket from the ticket machines in the terminals near the entrances (2,50 €) or from the driver in the tram (3.20 €).

More information

Then continue from Railway station by commuter train R as explained above.

By car

From Helsinki: Drive the Lahti Motorway (E75) until the Järvenpää south turnoff (Järvenpää E, the ramp 10), (and the same from the Lahti direction). After about half a kilometer, turn to the left towards Tuusula (road 145, “Poikkitie”). Continue until the roundabout and turn to the left towards Tuusula. After some 250 meters you will see the sign of Seurakuntaopisto on the right.

From Järvenpää: It is some 2 km to walk or drive along “Sibeliuksenväylä /Järvenpääntie” (to Tuusula) in the direction of Helsinki. On the right there is the sign Seurakuntaopisto.

By bus

Buses leave from Helsinki bus station Kamppi (platforms 10 and 11) in the Hyrylä–Järvenpää–(Mäntsälä) direction. Travelling time is about 70 min, bus ticket 8,20€. Ask the driver to alert you at the stop: “Ainola”. Timetables:


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