ECPCC 2017

Conference place

The next Conference will be held in Järvenpää, not far from Helsinki, Finland on August 23d – 28th 2017.

The town of Järvenpää is only a 30 minutes drive or train journey away from the capital Helsinki and the Helsinki airport and is well accessible by public transport.

The campus of The Institute for Advanced Training lies on the shore of lake Tuusula in an idyllic and culture rich landscape that inspired already the artists’ colony around the musician Jean Sibelius and the painter Pekka Halonen in the early 20th century.

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The Institute offers meeting point to the ECPCC conference -Accommodation and modern workspaces in one place. In its main building there is 4 daylight seminar rooms with modern, versatile furniture and technical equipment and 5 smaller rooms for group meetings. For more informal gatherings or small groups there are also lounge areas in the hall. There is a WLAN for guests in the hall, the seminar- and group rooms of the main building.

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An architectural centerpiece on the campus is the Agricola chapel in the main building, which offers up to 100 seats. Recently its furniture has been rearranged to express the Christian core value of living and celebrating community. Participants now sit facing each other, making community visible to one another. The altar and the pulpit form the center line and are equally visible from each seat.


The self-service restaurant Yolanda is caring for your physical well-being on the campus. The guest wing offers 55 functionally furnished single and 17 double bedrooms. All bedrooms are equipped with shower and toilet. Additionally there are 3 lounges, each with a kitchenette, fridge and TV.

Kirkon koulutuskeskus

The Sauna – a Finnish relaxing experience not to be missed! The campus offers 2 electrical sauna facilities on the top floor of the main building with an adjacent lounge. These saunas are usually heated every evening. A very special and enchanting place is the 3rd sauna on the campus: the wooden sauna on the shore with facilities for a swim in the lake. It is heated on special occasions – usually once during a training session or conference.


We are looking forward to meet you at the ECPCC conference 2017 in Järvenpää for lectures and workshops that highlight current themes!


(from left to right) Jussi Holopainen, Eeva Salo-Kopperi, Virva Nyback, Paavo Kettunen, Désirée Aspinen-Zimmermann, Sirkku Tukiainen, Raili Gothóni (not on the picture)