The Art by Maria Wolfram

We´ll have the great pleasure of hosting an art exhibition by Maria Wolfram as a part of the conference. You`ll find more information on the art of this wonderful Finnish artist on the website

The Finnish painter and installation artist Maria Wolfram lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Wolfram is interested in questions concerning exclusion and inclusion. Identity, femininity, and power are returning topics in her art practice. She exhibits frequently installations consisting of large oil paintings and mixed media sculptures. Her paintings are mostly oil paintings on wooden panel. In her rather large sculptures she uses a variety of materials such as stockings, female clothes, feathers and different kind of textiles. The philosophical question: Why do we have such an urge to keep constantly defining that which is normal, desirable and acceptable, she finds both challenging and interesting.

Wolfram ateljee 1Maria Wolfram graduated as Bachelor of Fine Art from Kingston University in London in year 2000 and as Master of Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of London in year 2002. Since then she has frequently exhibited her art and has had over 20 solo exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, for example 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel, with curator Orly Hoffman and in Raeren, Belgium in spring 2014, with curator Benjamin Fleig. She has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions, biennale, Art Fairs and Art Festivals both national and international.

Maria Wolfram has received many awards and scholarships both in Finland and in England. She is also an active member of the Finnish artists community, has had many positions of trust, her artwork is documented in many catalogues and has been reviewed frequently in Finnish newspapers.

Maria Wolfram’s works are available for the participants to buy during the conference either in cash or by credit card and can be taken with when leaving. Maria Wolfram herself is present at the opening ceremony and occasionally during the conference to meet and discuss with the participants. The exhibition contains about 70 works.

To find out more about Maria Wolfram, please visit